for a profound understanding of the
pharmaceutical market in all distribution channels.
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KENTO healthcare insights

We combine in-depth market understanding in the healthcare segment and medical know-how to provide individual solutions in pharmaceutical market research.
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Real World
Data Analyses

Identify the big picture of your indication, based on robust real-world data. Analyze the combination of prevalence rates, hospital case rates, population data and your individual parameters on a regional level.

Market research

Get the solution that best answers your market research question.

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Sales Force Effectiveness

Learn more about your target group and optimize your marketing activities.
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Get advice on your topic from experts in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine.
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Medical Education

Commission the development of the training format that is right for you.
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Staying informed opens Doors to limitless Knowledge and endless Possibilities.

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KENTO healthcare insights

Data at Heart

Pharma data are at the heart of any planning effort.
They are key to shaping an effective and targeted strategy. By analyzing data on drug use, patient needs, market trends and treatment efficacy, pharmaceutical companies can make informed decisions.


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Individual Pharmaceutical Market Research
For questions away from sellin and sellout data.
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Performance and Market Environment Analyses
Track the performance of your sales & marketing activities.
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Patient Journey and 
Identify the therapy decision makers for your indication.

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Look over the presentation of
goods on the point of sale

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Out of Stock: Rx
Stay informed about current Rx stock outs.

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Your individual solution proposal for your indication.

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Field service areas 
hospital Rx
Optimization of the territories of your Hospital Sales Force

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Advanced Training Event

Development of a new 
training format

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Entwicklung eines neuen Fortbildungsformats

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KENTO healthcare insights

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