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Data Analyses

Identify the big picture of your indication, based on robust real-world data. Analyze the combination of prevalence rates, hospital case rates, population data and your individual parameters on a regional level.


Pharmaceutical and medical device companies have a variety of data sources in different departments that can be combined in a statistically meaningful way, such as proprietary sales data, direct sales, quantitative market research data, out-of-stock data and prevalence rates.

Often, this data is not fully integrated into existing business intelligence tools and therefore cannot be used to answer existing market research questions.

Are there technical aspects on the one hand and lack of resources on the other hand that prevent an analysis of this data. We combine all relevant and available data in a statistically significant way and interpret it. In this way, you can have an analysis carried out without any further technical interfaces and obtain a holistic picture of existing or supplementary 
real-time data.


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