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A well-founded segmented target group is essential for the effective communication and marketing of your product. After a workshop for the definition and weighting of the relevant data sources, you will receive an individual solution proposal for your indication. This will be
checked for significance by our statistician in order to provide you with reliable and meaningful results for your sales management.


Targeting has been offered in the pharmaceutical market for many years with different approaches. Off-the-shelf products, one-off programmed algorithms and systems that are filled with data and combine defined parameters dominate the market.

In an increasingly complex market or for orphan disease indications, these solutions no longer lead to valid results and, in our view, there is a gap in market research here. We take each targeting as an individual project and develop after a joint briefing an individual and customized solution approach and the optimal market research product for you.

The selection of data sources and their weighting is redefined for each project, as is the appropriate statistical-mathematical approach to obtain the optimal solution. This means that we are very selective in the type of analysis and make clear recommendations as to which methodology is appropriate.


Find out if the Physician Targeting product is suitable for you and your needs.


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