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Identify the therapy decision makers for your indication. Learn more about the process of making a diagnosis and the reasons for recommending therapy. Analyze the attitude of the prescribing specialist group towards your product.


Patients are increasingly becoming the focus of pharmaceutical market research. In some indications, they are co-deciders of therapy; in other cases, the focus is on their adherence to therapy. Increasing adherence and compliance are cornerstones of modern pharmacotherapy and have become a relevant focus from both a medical and a health economic perspective. The Patient Journey is the fundamental basis of the marketing and sales strategy of modern life science companies and an ideal approach for targeting and medical education.

Analysis of the Patient Journey can provide insights into diagnosis and therapy delivery, enable meaningful patient communication, and facilitate decisions about Patient Support Programs or Nurse Services.

Changes in the Patient Journey over the product lifecycle should be reviewed and the application strategy adjusted to account for changes in reimbursement such as box changes or changes in rule text.


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