Consumer Insights OTC

Get information about customers and their buying behavior. Align your brand positioning and communication with consumer values and needs. Optimize your product portfolio and marketing strategy.


The responsible and well-informed patient is becoming the focus of marketing in self- medication. Consumer-driven measures, supported by advertising and POS activities, create an environment for optimal sales.
The following market research questions can be answered using our Consumer Insights OTC as examples:
What are the buying motives, what are the consumer's needs and what role does price play in buying behavior?
Is the buyer also the user and who makes the buying decision?
How is your communication perceived and how is your message understood?
Does the product portfolio cover the needs of the consumer, how high is the product and company loyalty?
How high are the first-time and repeat purchase rates and how is the quality of the products assessed?
Does the communication match the values of the consumers based on the existing positioning?


Find out whether the Consumer Insights OTC product is suitable for you and your requirements.


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